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She was sometimes believed to be an oread , or a mountain nymph , but she was often conflated or syncretized with Artemis and Aphaea , the "invisible" patroness of Aegina. According to Solinus , the name 'Britomartis' is from a Cretan dialect; he also says that her name means virgo dulcis , or "sweet virgin".

The goddess was frequently portrayed on Cretan coinage, either as herself or as Diktynna , the goddess of Mount Dikte, Zeus' birthplace. As Diktynna, she was depicted as a winged goddess with a human face, standing atop her ancient mountain, grasping an animal in each hand, in the guise of Potnia Theron , the mistress of animals.

By Hellenistic and Roman times, Britomartis was given a genealogical setting that fitted her into a Classical context:. Britomartis, who is also called Diktynna, the myths relate, was born at Kaino in Crete of Zeus and Karme , [8] the daughter of Euboulos who was the son of Demeter ; she invented the nets [ diktya ] which are used in hunting.

The third hymn to Artemis by Callimachus tells how she was pursued by Minos and, as Diktynna , "Lady of the Nets", threw herself into fishermen's nets to escape him; thus rescued, she was taken by the fishermen to mainland Greece.

She was also known as Dicte. This myth element "explains" the spread of the Cretan goddess's cult to Greece. Didorus Siculus found it less than credible:. Strabo notes she was venerated as Diktynna only in western Crete, in the region of Cydonia , where there was a Diktynnaion , or temple of Diktynna.

In the second century CE, the Greek writer Pausanias describes Britomartis saying, "She was made a goddess by Artemis, and she is worshipped, not only by the Cretans, but also by the Aiginetans. A xoanon , a wooden cult statue, of Britomartis, allegedly carved by Daedalus , sat in the temple of Olous.

In Chersonesos and Olous, she was often portrayed on coins, showing that she was worshipped in those cities; the festival Britomarpeia was held in her honor. On Crete, she was connected with the mountain where Zeus was said to have been born— Mount Dikte. On some early Britomartis coins of Kydonia, the coin was manufactured as an overstrike of specimens manufactured by Aegina. Temples dedicated to her existed in Athens , Sparta , Massalia and between Ambrosus and Anticyra in Phocis, [13] where, as Artemis Diktynna, her cult object was a black stone worked by Aeginetans , [14] but she was primarily a goddess of local importance in Western Crete, such as Lysos and West of Kydonia.

Her temples were said to be guarded by vicious dogs stronger than bears. Britomartis was worshipped as Aphaea primarily on the island of Aegina , where the temple "Athena Aphaea" stood. Britomart figures in Edmund Spenser 's knightly epic The Faerie Queene , where she is an allegorical figure of the virgin Knight of Chastity , representing English virtue—in particular, English military power—through a folk etymology that associated Brit-, as in Briton , with Martis , here thought of as "of Mars ", the Roman war god.

In his retelling of the King Arthur legends, Arthur Rex , author Thomas Berger suggests that Queen Guinevere may have become a powerful female knight known as Britomart after the death of the King. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the butterfly genus, see Britomartis butterfly.

Pilafidis-Williams, The Sanctuary of Aphaia on Aigina in the Bronze Age Munich: Hirmer , describes the distinctive local cult but is cautious in retrojecting the later cult of Aphaia to describe Britomartis at Aigina; the explicit identification of Britomartis and Aphaea is in Pausanias , ii. Retrieved January 8, Hidden categories: Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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Britomart britomartis in Edmund Spenser 's knightly britomaftis The Faerie Queenewhere she is an allegorical figure of the virgin Knight of Chastityrepresenting English virtue—in particular, English military power—through a folk etymology that associated Brit- as in Britonwith Martis britomartis, here thought of as "of Britomartis ", the Roman war god. Her temples were said to be guarded by vicious dogs stronger than bears. Rhea Britomartis Mnemosyne Helios.britomartis



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